Terms and Conditions

There is a non-returnable registration fee of £80 (£85 from 1 January 2018) for General English courses and £95 for Celc Summer School, payable on application. This payment covers the cost of the admissions administration and the first set of course materials; it is not part of the course fees and should not be deducted when payment is made.
2. Full fees must be paid at least four weeks before the start of courses. For students who register less than four weeks before the start of their course, full fees must be paid when the invoice is received.
3. The school must receive the full payment for the course. Any bank charges must be paid by the student.
4. Fees are only refundable under the following circumstances and less any bank charges incurred:
  • you change your mind within seven days of paying.
  • the Centre is unable to offer you a place on a course.
  • your visa application is refused. In such a case, you must inform the school at least two weeks before the start of your programme of study, providing a full explanation as to why your visa application was refused.
  • you cancel two weeks or more before your programme of study begins – in this case, we will return all fees except the registration fee.

If you cancel less than two weeks before the course begins we will return 50% of all fees. We do not return any money if you cancel after the start of your programme of study.

5. The Centre reserves the right to:
  • refuse a registration.
  • not provide tuition or accommodation if full fees have not been paid.
6. You must pay for any damage you cause accidentally or intentionally, either to the school premises or to your homestay accommodation.
7. The school may terminate a student’s programme of study in the case of serious misconduct or repeated absence without good reason. Examples of misconduct are: bullying, aggressive behaviour, harassment, criminal activity and accessing inappropriate material online.
8. All Celc courses are undertaken at the student’s own risk. The Christian English Language Centre cannot be held liable for damage or accident to student’s persons or property. Students are strongly advised to take out personal insurance* before commencing their programme of study.
9. The school reserves the right to cancel or change the dates, times, fees or any other details relating to courses at its discretion.
10. The Centre may offer a reduction to mission or charity candidates. There is a minimum study period of four weeks. A reference from your sponsoring organisation will be required before a reduction is considered.
If you have a complaint, please talk to the Director, who will listen and take any necessary action. You are protected by the school’s obligations as a British Council accredited member of English UK.
12. We collect your personal information in order to fulfil our contract with you. We do not disclose your information to third parties, except where necessary to comply with English law. We may use the details you provide in the future to contact you in order to keep you informed about school news and services. Please write to us if you do not wish to receive this information.
*You may be interested in the insurance provided by www.course-u-can.com.